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Mark Gottfried’s response to Notice of Allegations includes accusation of prejudgment by NCAA

CSU Northridge v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Mark Gottfried submitted his own response to the NCAA Notice of Allegations that was levied against NC State and Gottfried, who faces a potential show-cause penalty for his alleged failure to monitor his staff’s recruiting. Gottfried would like to avoid that penalty, since it would cost him his current job at Cal State Northridge and prohibit him from coaching anywhere in college for the duration of the show-cause.

Central to the defense presented by his lawyers is the argument that his case was prejudged by the NCAA before evidence was fully gathered and synthesized by investigators. Referenced are an NCAA officials public remarks from this article.

It was an unusual level of forthrightness from the NCAA in that piece, and, it seems, not the most well-advised idea.

Gottfried and his lawyers also argue that T.J. Gassnola’s testimony should not be allowed to be considered by NCAA investigators, primarily for procedural reasons. NC State took a similar tack in its response to the NOA.

The N&O has posted copies of the responses to the NCAA from NC State and Mark Gottfried, if you want to give those a gander.