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Highlights! Jumpers come to the rescue for NC State

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I almost did a double-take when I was looking over the advanced box score from the game, because while I realized NC State shot it poorly inside the arc, I didn’t realize just how poorly. So here’s one of the more bizarre shooting splits you’ll see this season: the Wolfpack shot 51.9% from three, and ... 32.4% from two. Pitt’s interior defense has been solid this year, but it ain’t as good as State made it look.

Good thing those jumpers were falling. And that the offensive boards were plentiful.

Despite the struggles in the paint, NC State led Pittsburgh for over 28 minutes on Saturday, while Pitt only led for 6:53. I was a little surprised at the disappointed tone in the postgame comments on the site here given all that—I mean, the Pack trailed only briefly in the second half, once, on the road against a top-75ish team. KenPom had it as a one-point toss-up, Vegas had us by two, and we won by three.

Pitt’s knocked off both Louisville and FSU on that floor. All road wins are good wins, y’all.