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Highlights! NC State has a harrowing adventure against Boston College

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at N.C. State Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

The fun thing about having a pretty-okay team that doesn’t play a lot of defense is that you get to enjoy some weird games. Boston College is bad but it ain’t dead; the Eagles can be as opportunistic as anybody else if given the chance, and boy were they given the chance!

Did I say “fun” and “enjoy”? Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that those emotions were actually feasible ones last night. Actually last night was pretty annoying. Should not have had to dodge this bullet, though give ‘em credit, they did dodge the bullet, which is 100% of the battle.

In the end, NC State had 89 points in a 75-possession game, which is a healthy 1.19 points-per-possession average. The Wolfpack managed to score just nine points over the final 10 minutes of regulation, then turned right around and scored 16 in the five minutes of overtime. These darn kids, I tell ya!