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NC State one of three Adidas schools seeking restitution in college basketball corruption case

Yes, we are the, uh, victims here. Yes we’ll go with that.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Northwestern Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The FBI’s investigation into college basketball recruiting has led to some interesting revelations about how certain coaches and shoe companies do business, but it’s also turned everything upside down in amusing fashion. Namely: in support of the federal government’s argument that schools have been defrauded (lol) by illicit payments to recruits, the schools are playing the victims.

They are extremely not victims whatsoever, of course, but if leaving out to dry a few Adidas reps is what it takes to limit punishments to their programs, then that’s what they’re gonna do. Said reps were working on the schools’ behalves in a well-established, widely-accepted way of doing business in college basketball: by funneling illegal benefits to elite players. But let’s all pretend that’s not true!

NC State, Kansas, and Louisville each have submitted a “victim impact statement” in which they decry the horrible damages wrought by these rogue agents within Adidas. Kansas is seeking over $1 million in restitution, while NC State is asking for more than $250,000, most of that for legal fees.

You can read all three letters here (via Andy Schwarz); this is a snippet from NCSU’s letter, which was written by Debbie Yow:

Hey, if it helps, it helps. I’d do whatever spin is necessary to avoid dire NCAA penalties, too.