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What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a basketball court?

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at N.C. State Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, yesterday was rough. It was rough to a degree some might call embarrassing. The only way for us to heal is to laugh together. So: what is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you while you were playing basketball? Share with the community, and we shall heal together.

Here, I’ll start:

One time when we were running full court at Carmichael, I was backpedaling back on defense and around the timeline I lost my balance and fell on my ass. Why was I backpedaling when I could simply jog like a normal person up the court? I don’t know. I do not know. Maybe I was trying to impress the cheerleaders, who would practice on the upstairs courts that time of night. Why did I think that could be impressive? Look I was 20, not a rocket girl-scientist.

At Herb Sendek basketball camp, they ran scrimmages shirts and skins, and I’m a skinny dude, and in middle school I was an extra awkward, extra skinny dude, so taking off my shirt to play basketball was mortifying.

My friends and I played basketball several times a week while we were at State and so at one point we figured we’d try intramural basketball, because we were decent, right? We were not decent. We got blown out like every game. Except for the last one, which we lost at the buzzer. But we didn’t come close to winning a game otherwise.

What you got?