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Highlights! NC State scraps for a big win against Clemson

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament- North Carolina State vs Clemson Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It was a slow, 63-possession game and neither team managed a point per trip, so there are no awards for style this afternoon, but who needs those anyway. Markell Johnson put NC State on his back, Clemson went cold in the second half, and the Pack got an essential victory.

NC State only turned the ball over once in the second half, while Clemson managed only 16 points in the final 20 minutes, including just five over the final 10. That’s a rough way to go out if indeed Clemson is left out of the NCAA field.

Do the guys get ice cream for neutral-floor wins? If not, maybe they could make an exception this time, I mean look at how the win probability shifted in the second half:

NC State’s win probability coming out of halftime was 6.6% and stayed low for most of the second half, but we had Markell Johnson and Clemson didn’t.