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Now we wait

No you’re worried.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Virginia vs North Carolina State Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Beating Virginia would have put NC State in the NCAA tournament field for certain, but beating Clemson possibly put NC State into the NCAA tournament for sure, unless it didn’t, in which case, well, there’s no telling about how things might go turning, whether it’s to one side or the other. Thank you, I’m Bill Brackets.

Is NC State an NCAA tournament team? I think so. Is it a flawed team that you could argue should’t be in the field? Yeah, probably. This is that bubble life. We are at the whims and the mercy of the selection committee now—not to mention what happens on the court in various league tournaments across the country.

Either NC State did enough Wednesday or it didn’t, or either NC State did enough in showing that it could be competitive with UVA for a half, or it didn’t; it depends on which clueless pretend-knowing idiot you ask. It’s neat that various talking-head types are so matter-of-fact in this bold new, unprecedented NET-based world. Good for them.

A lot of them are going to be wrong in a few days, embarrassingly so. Whether or not any of that involves NC State, we’ll see.