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NCAA tournament 2019: NC State does not make the field of 68


NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Well ... after all of the debate back-and-forth all week, we have our answer about NC State from the selection committee: the Wolfpack was left out of the 2019 NCAA tournament field. Despite its strong standing in the NET all year, State didn’t have a real defining win to point to, and I’m sure the committee will use its non-conference schedule strength as part of the argument to exclude the Pack.

I suspect that committee wasn’t interested in justifying how a bubble team with a horribly-ranked non-conference got into the field. Basically, they didn’t want that shitstorm, nor did they want to establish any precedents moving forward. The latter, at least, is defensible.

This sucks and in particular I find it hilarious that St. John’s got in despite not even being a top-75 team in the Pomeroy Ratings. But we should’ve beaten Wake Forest and Georgia Tech. Hard not to come back to those two games.

Please vent below as you will.