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NC State will be back in Reynolds Coliseum for the NIT second round

But Vinnie Del Negro will not emerge from a time machine and join the team, I am told.

Vinnie Del Negro

NC State’s temporary foray back to playing basketball adjacent to the Herb Sendek Janitorial Closet sponsored by Premier Mop & Broom in James T. Valvano Arena at William Neal Reynolds Coliseum has been a rousing success so far.

The building was sold-out well in advance of the Wolfpack’s NIT opener against Hofstra and the crowd was good, and State will have the chance to repeat all of that on Sunday night against either Harvard or Georgetown. State could play three straight in Reynolds if UNC-Greensboro loses in the second round, and that’d be an advantageous path to the highly prestigious NIT final four.

Naturally, the atmosphere Tuesday night sparked more debate here on the tubes about playing additional men’s games at Reynolds, maybe even an important one. And while I certainly understand the sentiments behind that, I don’t know how it could possibly work without starting a riot among season ticket holders.

I’m just going to enjoy these freebies in the new-old barn while we have ‘em.