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Meet Georgia Tech, which still needs a lot of help

One of these years, Tech’s offense is bound to be watchable.

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe Josh Pastner is going to figure out this head coaching dealio one of these years, but the odds of him doing it at Georgia Tech ain’t lookin’ so hot. Pastner’s best Tech team was his first, and seeing as how this is year three, that’s troubling.

He’s had no problem getting the Yellow Jackets to play defense during his time in Atlanta, but if the well of patience runs dry on him in the next few years, the reason plainly will be these dreadful-ass offenses he’s forced on countless and otherwise perfectly untraumatized eyeballs.

What I’m saying is this table may cause temporary blindness.

Georgia Tech In ACC Games

Jackets OE/DE (rk) eFG% TO% OR% FTR
Jackets OE/DE (rk) eFG% TO% OR% FTR
Offense 90.7 (15) 47.1 (12) 21.7 (15) 24.4 (15) 32.2 (5)
Defense 104.5 (9) 47.7 (6) 17.2 (11) 33.9 (14) 32.0 (8)

I’m regretting having looked at any of those numbers, frankly.

Turns out it’s difficult to field an efficient offense when you can’t shoot, or take care of the basketball, or rebound, or properly compliment a lady. Okay theoretically you probably could despite that last one.

Tech ranks 11th in league play in two-point shooting percentage and three-point shooting percentage. The Jackets understand their perimeter limitations and don’t shoot a ton of threes, but the lower-variance approach of a more two-heavy offense also makes them less of a threat to turn out a fluky-good performance overall. And I am okay with that.

Point guard Jose Alvarado is Tech’s leader at the offensive end, and he can be a good shooter, it’s just that the heavy workload has him struggling to tread water. As a freshman, he played as a secondary scorer and put up solid numbers, including 37% shooting from outside. This season, with his attempts way up, his accuracy has taken a tumble.

Tech is largely a story of guys stretching themselves too far in an ongoing hunt for a dude who can do good, more often than not, for a fairly long while, perhaps even spanning several games.

Are you that dude? Is Terry? Am I? Is anyone? Who’s Terry? Let’s all alternate taking 10 shots in a row and see how that goes, maybe we can get this sorted by next Thanksgiving.

KenPom likes NC State by 12.