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What are we gonna do, dwell on the Georgia Tech loss all day or something?

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at N.C. State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Hm? Oh we are, aren’t we. Well I can’t say as I blame us for the dwelling on the loss thing. Hard to not do that. Big tough. Maybe it will help if I post this gif featuring ice cream, so that we can think about ice cream and how we could have had some ice cream with a win but instead we didn’t get any ice cream because we lost.

Wait a minute, that didn’t help at all! It simply served to reinforce the sadness I feel with regards to the proceedings of the previous evening! Whose idea was this!

Y’know, one thing I find that is all part of the NC State basketball adventure year in and year out is the more I watch, the less I understand. College sports don’t often make a lot of sense, just in general, mainly because there’s a lot of teenagers involved, but State always seems to reach a higher level of WTF-ness. Sure we’ll score 24 points in a game and still maybe make the NCAA tournament. Sure, let’s shoot a million threes against Georgia Tech for no good reason and lose because of it.

I actually have no idea where I was going with this post but it did end up being slightly therapeutic. So, I dunno, maybe yell some stuff in the comments or whatever. That could help. Help me figure out where I was going with this post, I mean.