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NC State is No. 43 in Ken Pomeroy’s college basketball job ratings

Whoa, hey, whoa whoa. Put down the pitchforks for a minute here.

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NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Virginia vs North Carolina State Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Pomeroy wrote a piece for The Athletic last week in which he outlined some basic methodology for determining the value of any given college hoops coaching gig, and while I’m certain this is not what anyone wants to hear, NC State’s job ranks only 43rd based on his method.

Since that article is behind a paywall, I’ll snip the bit about how this works:

I’ve taken an average of each team’s adjusted efficiency margin since the 1998 season, giving more weight to more recent seasons while adding a dash of current conference affiliation. The objective is to produce a ranking of programs based on the success we would expect them to have over the next decade or so assuming a typical coach for that program.

Pomeroy is the first to admit that this is hardly the last word on evaluating a head coaching job, so put down those pitchforks, pal! And the torches. We don’t need any fire hazards around here—blogs are notoriously flammable, as you know.

It doesn’t specifically address facilities or recruiting territory—the latter is probably less important in basketball than other sports, anyhow—but theoretically those things should be somewhat baked into a program’s long-term on-court results.

Here’s how the ACC shapes up, in order, with ranking in parenthesis. I also stuck the schools in tiers because that’s a more useful frame of comparison rather than quibbling over the individual rankings:

Duke (barf)
UNC (poop)
Louisville (8)
Syracuse (13)
Virginia (14)

Pittsburgh (22)
Notre Dame (25)

Miami (37)
FSU (38)
Clemson (41)
NC State (43)

Wake Forest (60)
Georgia Tech (62)
Virginia Tech (68)
Boston College (79)

Please log your complaints below. I’d ask that nobody get carried away but it’s offseason and what else do we have to do?