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NC State lands Lehigh graduate transfer Pat Andree

It’s Pat!

NCAA Basketball: Lehigh at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, everyone! NC State is adding some much-needed perimeter scoring help for next season thanks to the addition of Lehigh graduate transfer Pat Andree, who announced his decision on Twitter Wednesday night.

Andree shot 41.9% from three-point range last season and is a career 41.5% three-point shooter. He’s attempted well over 400 threes in college, so we are not talking about a small sample.

Most of his damage likely will come from the perimeter—while he is 6’8”, interior scoring isn’t a strength of his game, which is illustrated in part by his low career free throw rate. And the fact that he’s taken almost 200 more threes than twos over the last three years.

But NC State hardly needs him to provide much interior support—he’s here to keep on drilling those threes at a 41% clip. He’s an above-average free throw shooter when he does get to the line, he rebounds well defensively, and he’s not prone to turning the ball over. That definitely helps fill some critical gaps.