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NC State Board of Trustees will vote on alcohol sales in school’s sports venues

Let the pumpkin spice flow.

Hare Pie Scramble And Bottle Kicking Traditional Easter Monday Celebration Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

The North Carolina state government passed a law on Wednesday that makes it legal to sell alcohol at campus sporting events. Alcohol sales have been a growing trend in college football and college basketball venues across the country, and now the members of the UNC system are free to join that fray.

NC State’s Board of Trustees is going to move quickly on this, per a report from WNCN: they’ll hold a vote on the matter at a meeting on July 10, and I can’t imagine they’d do anything but give alcohol sales the go-ahead.

I spent most of yesterday’s post on this subject pondering the implications for Carter-Finley, but today I’ve been thinking about how much this is going to help the basketball program. I chuckled writing that, but seriously, think about how much 19,000 beered-up people will make the atmosphere at PNC Arena absolutely crazy when, say, UNC comes to town. And just in general, taking the edge off will really help take the edge off.

Have you ever noticed how the atmosphere in the building gets tight in a close game down the stretch? Like there’s a palpable expectation that the worst is about to happen? Sobriety and knowledge of the past will do that.

Well, forget about that now, pal. We were worried about the outcome to a point where there was possibly some emotional bleed-over onto the bench—the players can sense these things—but now, we are BUZZED and we are HYPED UP. We ain’t sober anymore and we already forgot about history and the buzz is good. We had to drink so that the basketball team could be free.

What I’m saying is we’re going undefeated at home this season.