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NC State AD Boo Corrigan issues statement on NCAA Notice of Allegations

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at N.C. State Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: NC State has already lawyered up with the firm that worked UNC’s case against the NCAA.

Original post:

New NC State athletics director Boo Corrigan issued a quick statement Wednesday night regarding the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations, which was delivered to the school on Tuesday.

Corrigan said almost the exact same thing that Chancellor Randy Woodson did earlier Wednesday: that NC State will be accountable, but also that school officials will “vigorously defend” the program as they deem necessary. (They both used the phrase “vigorously defend.” Listen, the PR department has had a long day, okay.)

NC State will continue to cooperate with the NCAA, but NC State is not about to be railroaded. So that’s a comfort, at least. Two of the key leaders at NCSU have very publicly established at the outset that they’re willing to fight a legal battle if it comes down to it.

No matter the result of the NCAA investigation, at least we know there are smart people who are willing to fight for NC State and are actually capable of doing so effectively. That, uh, has not always been the case.