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Kevin Keatts on his 2021 NC State team: The ‘most versatile roster that we’ve had’

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball season is here! Er, well, basketball practice is here, anyway. NC State’s first day of practice is Wednesday, and Kevin Keatts meet with the media this afternoon to discuss the latest edition of the Wolfpack.

You can definitely hear the enthusiasm when he talks about this group, which he thinks will be deep enough to really commit to the pressure-heavy style that he prefers. His previous teams have been limited in how often they can press and often did away with that approach entirely. He doesn’t think that’ll be the case anymore.

I like our potential. I love our guys. I love the fact that we’ve got an older group on the back end, and then we’ve got some younger guys; five new guys and then [Dereon] Seabron, that makes six. We’re working extremely hard. I finally got a team that I really like, that we can play at least nine or 10 guys and then play guys at multiple positions. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to see us at full strength. Obviously, we know that there could be some challenges throughout the year.

You can find a full transcript of his remarks over at Pack Pride. There’s plenty in there on each of his players, including Old Man Beverly:

You know Braxton’s my age now. He and I played high school together. I tease him about that all the time. His health is fine. He’s in practice. Wolfpack nation will be glad to hear that he’s shooting the ball well and he’s been in practice. But, that being said, because he’s my age, I have to take some days off where I can’t go hard and I can’t exercise as much. So we’re being very careful with him.