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You can choose not to worry about that basketball game that doesn’t matter

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 17 NC State at Saint Louis Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Nothing should surprise me any more, and yet, there were people upset about the fact that NC State decided to go on the road and play Saint Louis—as though this were an agreement in a vacuum, as though these circumstances were not already apparent, like Kevin Keatts is not aware of any of them.

Of course losing in the way that NC State did on Thursday night was a bummer; of course that sucked. And who gives a shit.

I think it’d help a lot if people could actually empathize with what Kevin Keatts is trying to do here—I mean, he ain’t going on the road with 48 hours’ notice, with nine players available because he’s an idiot. Kevin Keatts wanted to play this game, and he literally explained to people that he had six available players on Saturday.

Kevin Keatts could have shut it down this week and made his roster the excuse; instead he did the opposite.

It’s not that difficult to parse that Keatts obviously wanted a challenge for his team—given that the Michigan and UConn games were canceled—and wasn’t comfortable coming straight back from a two-week vacation only to then launch right into the UNC game.

You don’t have to like what happened in the game on Thursday, and that game sucked on account of State lost, but if you’re worried about anything after last night, maybe that doesn’t have anything to do with the basketball team.

That was a good solid exhibition sports game that happened, and we will see you this weekend.