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NC State/Michigan game is off, per report

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Monday afternoon update: The game is off.

Alas, not exactly a stunning move.

Also, uh, what is this?

A positive test within NC State’s traveling party on Friday resulted in the cancellation of the Wolfpack’s game against UConn over the weekend, and not surprisingly, it may also end up nixing the Pack’s road trip to Michigan.

[/end update]


NC State would ideally like to travel to Ann Arbor on Tuesday, though I guess the Pack could delay until game day itself, if that would make any sort of difference in playing this game. Either way, it’s gonna take more testing and negative returns for State to bother getting on a plane—they aren’t going to want to make a potentially pointless trip, with their status still unclear.

(On a side note: UConn is now paused after a positive test yesterday. Definitely a good thing the game didn’t get played Saturday.)

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we get this trip in because it’s a good measuring-stick game. We’ll see what the next day or so of testing reveals.