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ACC’s early-season struggles highlight the wide-open nature of the league in 2021

Baylor v Syracuse Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The ACC had itself a rough evening on Tuesday, losing six of seven matchups with Big Ten teams. The only league squad to come through was Miami—always relying on Miami basketball, this league!

I’m not sure if the ACC is especially bad or not this year, but it definitely is not top-heavy. Duke and UNC already have combined for four losses—none of them bad losses, mind—and UVA has a loss to San Francisco as well as an overtime escape against Kent State.

And as of Wednesday morning, there are no ACC squads in the KenPom top 10:

It’s lookin’ like a pretty wide open year at the moment—perhaps there’s an opportunity for an intrepid squad of red-wearing, full-court-press-doing, depth-out-its-ears-having go-getters to make a move on this situation. I mean, if the season doesn’t end up canceled again.

If Duke/UNC/UVA are gonna leave the door open, we might as well walk through it. What, we’re gonna sit here and let some yokels from Clemson or Syracuse walk through that door? I think not!