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Highlights and odds-and-ends from NC State’s win over Syracuse

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NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is busting out of its extended shooting slump, and how! Two of its five best shooting performances of the season have come the last two times out. The Wolfpack’s 63.5% eFG against Syracuse was its second-highest of the season. (68.9% vs. UNCG is No. 1.)

Devon Daniels’ 23 points tied his scoring high in an NC State uniform, which was set early in the season. His career high is 24 points, which he scored when he was at Utah.

Led by Daniels’ 6-9 shooting, NC State hit 60.9% of its twos against the Orange. Add in the 44.5% three-point shooting and it’s not surprising the Pack won, though if I were just given those two numbers I wouldn’t have figured the margin to be so tight.

On a lot of nights, Syracuse’s edges in turnovers, rebounding, and free throw shooting (21-27 vs. 18-28) would be enough to deliver a win—but the difference in shooting from the field was so lopsided in NC State’s favor, it trumped everything else. That’s not a sustainable path to success but every now and then you can steal a game that way.

State posted its worst turnover rate and third-worst offensive rebounding rate of the season, but again: shooting trumps. Getting the sportsball through the accomplishment ring makes a difference. Often the difference between sadness and ice cream.