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NC State’s rally falls short as Wolfpack loses to Boston College, 71-68

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 01 Louisville at NC State Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What a great way to close out a weekend, folks. I love spending a lazy Sunday evening with a lousy basketball game that makes me want to shove my head down a toilet; it’s the only way to live!

NC State’s performance against Boston College had a little bit of everything, including the return of bad jump shooting, to go with the return of Bad Markell, and the ever-consistently awful basketball officials. The ending was everything that State deserved with its performance leading up to those points, but good lord was that some shoddy-assed officiating. I watch a lot of ACC basketball in general and it’s just kind of amazing how bad officiating seems to be the new average officiating.

But State played poorly most of the night, especially in the first half, when the Pack struggled at both ends of the floor. I guess it was too much to ask for three consecutive games, and the early portion of the night was particularly brutal, as State went through a stretch of 10 straight missed shots.

Boston College led for the vast majority, and it was a minor miracle that NC State managed to reclaim the lead late with Markell Johnson playing so poorly: he turned the ball over six times and displayed some baffling decision-making, to say the least.

It was disappointing all around, just made worse by the fact that NC State could have stolen this one late. Not that it was surprising on a night like this one to watch the guys shoot themselves in the foot when it mattered most.