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NC State women’s basketball loses to Duke, 70-65, as slump continues

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This is not the ideal time to be struggling.

Notre Dame v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

It’s been a little while since NC State has looked the part of a top-10 team, for various reasons, and that continued Monday night against Duke. The Blue Devils scored the first seven points of the game and never trailed en route to a 70-65 win over the Wolfpack. State has lost three of its last four.

Four Factors

... NC State Duke
... NC State Duke
eFG% 51.9 49.2
TO% 24.1 12.0
OR% 27.6 21.9
FTR 25.0 23.7

Pace and Effiency

NC State 65 66 98.5 106.1
Duke 70 66 106.1 98.5

This team has been on the turnover-prone side all season, but the mistakes have been more pronounced of late, and on Monday they canceled out a pretty good shooting effort. The Blue Devils finished +8 in the turnover category, which was a significant edge in a close game. NC State couldn’t overcome it.

State turned the ball over on nearly a quarter of its possessions, this after turning the ball over about 30% of the time at Miami on Thursday. The Pack was lucky to get out of Miami with a win, but against a much better Duke team, the result not surprisingly was different.

There ain’t much else to say other than that NC State is in a slump—the team hasn’t played well since it beat Virginia Tech back on Feb. 6, and that’s disheartening. State would still be a top-16 overall NCAA tournament seed if the season ended today, but now has to worry about that position becoming more tenuous.

Duke is a good team and has played well lately but if NC State is playing well, it takes care of business at home. They gotta get this sorted out quickly.