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What was the play of the year in NC State athletics?

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Did anything top Markell’s shot against UNCG?

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NC State sports play of the year is a bit more difficult to nail down since spring sports were deprived of any championship moments, but the ACC Network digital folks are giving it a go anyway.

Here are their nominations:

After watching that perhaps you, like me, are confused about their nomination of Markell’s halfcourt shot to beat the half against Duke rather than his halfcourt shot to beat UNC-Greensboro (also, if you listen, the audio playing over the Duke shot is from the UNCG game). Only thing I can figure is some silly preference toward games between two league schools, but then that doesn’t explain the Emezie play’s inclusion. Anyway, they picked the wrong halfcourt shot, obviously.

Also, for a better (more impressive) angle on Gabarra’s goal, see here.

I’d also add the play that led to Ace Konig’s game-tying three in the ACC title game to the list of nominees as well (video should start in the right place, but if not, see the 1:27-mark):

I’m drawing a lot of blanks from football season, on account of trying to forget football season happened. Maybe Thayer Thomas’ punt return touchdown deserves recognition? And there was this bit of trickery against Syracuse. Anything else?