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BTP The Offseason, Day 43: What the hell’s goin’ on out there?

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Lyndon Johnson and Wife Marking Absentee Ballots

If there’s been a word to describe NC State basketball recruiting this offseason, it’s been ... confusing. Not in a bad way, necessarily, just that it’s been strange to watch the staff pursue a number of transfer players without an (apparently) available scholarship.

Most recently, NC State ended up in the final three schools for Justin Kier, who ended up verballing for Georgia. The Wolfpack recruited several transfer guards this spring, which logically implies that the staff expects a guard who could otherwise return to move on elsewhere, be that to the pros or another school.

We’ve not seen that materialize, though Devon Daniels is testing the NBA Draft right now and would seem to be the most obvious candidate for departure. Not because he’s going to be drafted—he isn’t—but because sometimes when guys do that it’s a signal they’ve had enough of college.

Modern roster management means toeing a fine line between what you have on hand and what you expect you think you’ll probably have on hand the next fall, and that’s not easy, I understand. The coaches can count, yada yada.

Still it’s a little disconcerting given that Kevin Keatts has basically fumbled this once already (the Sasha Killeya-Jones situation) and that entire gerflagle was a serious garnflorken, as the kids would say.

Is it good that these graduate transfer players are passing? Is it bad? I don’t know how to feel! All I can figure is that in the up-to-the-minute gambling of spring recruiting, Keatts has tried to establish backup plans while being unable to secure concrete yes-or-no decisions from the guys whose futures are unclear. Without a “yes, coach, I’m leaving,” from one of them, Keatts probably has to keep backing off his grad targets.

But who knows; this is college basketball recruiting, and there are no rules here.


I don’t have a clue what’s going on here, I just appreciate the candid nature of the photo, like he’s thinking, Christ, I hope she votes for me this time.

Lyndon Johnson and Wife Marking Absentee Ballots