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BTP The Offseason, Day 25: Oh, right, there’s still an infractions case goin’

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Queen Paola Of Belgium Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Pending NCAA infractions cases feel a little more trivial than usual these days, and honestly I hadn’t thought about NC State’s situation for a while, until this news that the school is “reluctantly” submitting to going through the new Independent Accountability Resolution Process.

Notably, NC State doesn’t think it can receive a fair hearing from the NCAA’s committee on infractions, and in theory at least it should get a better shake from an independent arm.

The down side is that IARP rulings do not allow for an appeals process. What they decide is final, leaving schools no recourse within the NCAA’s structures. But in its letter to the NCAA, NC State says it ain’t having any of that nonsense. If State feels compelled to take legal action, it will:

“By conceding to referral, N.C. State does not concede its substantive right to appeal,” the response concludes. “Further, in light of the various concerns described herein, N.C. State also reserves all rights and remedies, both within and outside of the NCAA structure.”

The saga continues!


I didn’t know Belgium has a queen, but indeed, Belgium has a queen, and she was surprised about something at this wedding.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - DECEMBER 04: Queen Paola At The Wedding Of Her Son Philippe