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BTP The Offseason, Day 113: Markell Johnson is taking his talents to Turkey

NCAA BASKETBALL: JAN 11 NC State at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Here and there a piece of news hits and it sinks in all over again how surreal it was that basketball season just died abruptly on a Thursday afternoon. Markell Johnson has agreed to a two-year deal with a pro team in Turkey, which puts a stamp of finality on his college career, and dammit, I was supposed to get to watch him play at least a few more times in a State uniform!

To cheer myself up, I will now read through some Turkish reporting on this news through the eternally-struggling interpretation of Google’s translate function.

Under the headline “New Quarterback: Markell Johnson”:

While Beşiktaş continues the process of structuring with the aim of young rotation, as in the previous two foreigners, he chose a rookie in the playmaker preference and added Markell Johnson to his staff.

From a fan forum:

The next playmaker comes from ACC (Athlantic Coast Conference), the powerful and even magnificent conference of NCAA. This conference hosts the locomotive schools of college basketball, which includes many NCAA champions. Duke, Nort Carolina (MJ’s school) is one of the first to come to mind.PG Markell Johnson, 1.85, is also a North Carolina State graduate. If we need to remind you about the school, it should be noted that Engin Atsür, who was previously wearing Beşiktaş shirt, graduated from here.

Johnson primarily has a style that stands out with its speed, has its structure based on its speed when shaping its game and building decision mechanisms. Of course, a vital point for this position is this. If a playmaker can use both hands with the same efficiency in offense, then the bus strengthens his hand a lot about his vision. We can see this at Markell.

May the bus always strengthen your hand.