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Kevin Keatts: ‘I’m tired, I’m disgusted, and I’m fed up’

North Carolina State v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Both the NC State men’s and women’s basketball programs issued strong statements Thursday in the wake of police officers’ attempted murder of Jacob Blake.

Like clockwork, people rushed to say that, yes, they are part of the problem.

People being proud of the fact that they lack empathy shouldn’t really be a thing, but lacking empathy is totally in now. Selfishness: absolutely, we love it, we love it. Don’t we folks?

Here is what the women’s basketball program had to say today:

And Jada Rice on the predictable response:

It sucks and it’s frustrating but I do think it’s helpful as well for kids to be exposed to the shit side of the fanbase. If you play sports in the south, particularly, you do so understanding in an abstract way that these people exist, but you are mostly insulated from any of them since they tend not to be overt with what they are about.

And these people probably still think they aren’t being obvious with their meaning, but they are. I’m glad the players see them for it.