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An early glance at NC State in ACC play

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Keatts is not happy with the way his team has been turning the ball over lately, and he’s right to be disappointed about that aspect of the offense (among other things). Here’s a glance at NC State’s performance on both sides of the ball in league games only:

(All ranks are conference ranks.)

NC State turned the ball over on 17.2% of its possessions in league play last season, which ranked fifth in the ACC. This year’s drop-off is definitely hurting, since State is not an exceptional shooting team. If the Wolfpack can keep rebounding well at the offensive end, that’ll help, but for its long-term potential, that turnover rate has got to improve.

On the defensive side, State’s interior has been pretty underwhelming—even its block rate has been below average. Sitting at 11th in both 2FG% and defensive rebounding rate is far from ideal, and if the rebounding isn’t going to improve, State at least needs to start forcing more misses.