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NC State gets clobbered at Florida State, 105-73

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

For a good solid brief several possessions there, we had ourselves a ballgame. Jericole Hellems was hitting jumpers left and right, and it was a tightly-contested, offense-laden basketball game ... and then the other 38 minutes happened.

I don’t find it productive to search for big-picture conclusions from a game like this one, because shit happens and sometimes you’re gonna hit the extremes in a real bad way.

Of course, folks are gonna find what they need to find tonight to support whatever conclusions they’d already drawn about this team and this season. And they might not be wrong, mind. I’m just not quite ready to leave everyone involved tonight at the airport.

This game sucked, NC State’s effort was godawful, and this is not the sort of performance that a team can walk away from without some lingering effects—all of that is bad, and it might be a real problem. I’m not here to minimize how much this sucked and was discouraging. It completely sucked and was discouraging, and beyond that, I would go so far as to say that it sucked and was discouraging.

If you’re gonna give up after that, though, if you’re gonna assume that a setback like this must define what happens after, well, you must be new here. Sports don’t work that way, and NC State basketball sure doesn’t make anything like that kind of sense.

But anyway yeah tonight sucked big time.