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Independent Accountability Resolution Process group provides key updates in the ongoing continuance of independent process resolution

A guy made some timelines.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Wichita Photo by David Klutho/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

When last we received an update on the NC State men’s basketball infractions case, we learned that in August, there was a meeting. As thrilling an update as this was, we were left wanting for details.

Well, good news, folks: today, the Independent Accountability Resolution Process provided a brand new update. And the update is, there is no update, but they had a guy go through all of the ongoing cases being handled by the IARP and put together a timeline for each. Behold NC State’s timeline in all its glory, where the last entry is that meeting we already heard about in August.

But it’s a nice timeline. Very chronological. At this point, what are we to assume but that the IARP is a cult worshipping at the altar of power lunches? What do these people do all day (aside from each lunch)? They got at least one dude in the basement working for 20 minutes a day on Word documents, clearly, but beyond that there is simply no telling.

Admittedly, it’s unfair to just expect a group of people assembled for the specific purpose of sorting out NCAA infractions cases to sort out NCAA infractions cases while adhering to any sort of normal interpretation of the passage of time. I suppose expectations have been too high.