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NC State faces a struggling Central Connecticut State team on Tuesday night

Not much occasion for dancing these days.

NCAA Basketball: Central Conn. State at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is back at the Mohegan Sun this week for its annual gambling retreat. Wait a minute, gambling retreat? That doesn’t sound right. Let me just double check my... oh, basketball games! They’re there for basketball games.

NC State went to the Mohegan Sun last year to play some non-conference games in a bubble environment but COVID-19 hit the team after State beat UMass-Lowell, nixing a matchup with UConn.

The Pack has a tester tomorrow night, but first, Central Connecticut State, which is one of the two worst teams on NC State’s schedule. I’d feel bad about CCSU’s state of affairs, but as they are the Blue Devils, they must be destroyed.

CCSU in 2021-22

... Adj OE/DE (rk) eFG% TO% OR% FTR
... Adj OE/DE (rk) eFG% TO% OR% FTR
Offense 89.2 (338) 45.7 (226) 32.4 (354) 31.8 (111) 21.0 (289)
Defense 111.1 (351) 63.9 (342) 19.5 (177) 38.2 (311) 31.3 (192)

The Blue Devils are 0-2 on the early season, with a 51-point loss at UConn and an 18-point loss to Brown the culprits. Brown is No. 233 in the Pomeroy Ratings. CCSU finished last season 5-16—the 10th straight year they finished with a losing record. It’s been rough for this program for a while and changes for the better do not appear on the immediate horizon.

This is a young team and also one of the most undersized teams in the country, which is not generally an ideal combination, but maybe playing freshmen early will pay off down the line. As it is now, everything is a struggle.

CCSU has knocked down 40 percent of its threes through two games but has only made 39 percent of its twos. Also, the Blue Devils are shooting 41 percent at the free throw line. There’s a fun small-sample quirk! Well, fun unless you’re one of the dudes responsible for it.

The Blue Devils’ top two scorers early are Stephane Ayangma (6’5, 216) and Nigel Scantlebury (6’0, 170). Not surprisingly, those two guys are vets. Ayangma is a good rebounder for his size and a career 50 percent shooter inside the arc. Scantlebury is quick off the dribble but struggles to finish around the rim, like a lot of shorter guys do. Good passer, if a bit turnover prone.

Some other guys will probably show up, and CCSU will attempt some defense, but none of it figures to matter. KenPom likes NC State by 24.