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Highlights! NC State wins an unexpectedly wild one against Nebraska

That was a lot of basketball for one sitting.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 01 Nebraska at NC State Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Normally it isn’t necessary to set aside three hours for a college basketball game, but that was the case last night as NC State and Nebraska went back and forth over the course of four overtimes before the Wolfpack finally managed to secure the victory.

There was tons of last-minute drama, as there were five last minutes, riddled though they were with mistakes and missed opportunities on both sides. In the end, State had Dereon Seabron, whereas Nebraska did not have Dereon Seabron.

Seabron’s ability to slash his way to the rim was impressive all night, and he finished 11-20 on two-point attempts—he also shot 20 free throws.

Neither of these teams could make jumpers: the Huskers were 9-37 from three, the Pack a more horrifying 6-34. A big difference in the outcome, though, was State’s decided advantage on the glass. Led by Seabron, who had six offensive boards, State grabbed over 41 percent of its missed shots, which provided second-chance opportunities that also helped the Pack build a free-throw attempt advantage that ended up being pretty necessary.

Good win, fun game in hindsight, but I hope State doesn’t put me through something like this again for a long time.