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NC State gets embarrassed at home by Duke

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

So I don’t know what you do with this, don’t know the right way to process a result like this, when at least theoretically, NC State was playing well behind the eight-ball, with a roster full of sick kids.

The thing about that is if it’s true, I mean, we can’t really be upset about the result ... and if it’s just an excuse, well, what are we doing here, because this is embarrassing. Just an absolutely embarrassing effort, a no-show non-performance from a team that needs to be playing in a desperate way.

Whatever the case may be, I think it’s clear that they’re done with this season—I can’t blame them—and no amount of coach-yelling theatrics will change the fact that dudes have checked out.

Duke has an excellent offense but there was a strict level of indifference from NC State throughout this game, and as the Blue Devils piled on the points early, the Wolfpack decided to just stop bothering. What you want to do with that, how you want to view it, well that’s up to you.

This was a garbage effort, and the results matched the utter indifference to which NC State approached this game. You get exactly what you put in, sometimes, and that’s where sports can properly check you. Does that matter to this NC State team, at this point? I kinda doubt it.

You can hardly find a more eye-opening result than one like this against a close rival. It’s not that NC State was out-played, but rather that NC State didn’t seem interested in playing. This is excusable in spots, even against Duke, and I get that circumstances are different this year.

Still this is painful, and a result that’s hard to read as anything other than an indictment of Kevin Keatts. I don’t want it to be that. I’m definitely not sure it should be that. But this sucked.

If the team’s sick, then don’t play, and what the fuck are you doing anyway, playing sick, like that’s responsible? If the team ain’t sick, well, this whole thing we just witnessed is a rough kick opening a door I’d just as well not barge into.

Watching some accidental Amish-looking ass motherfucker clown you all afternoon should be a solid wakeup call, if nothing else works.