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NC State is Pitt’s basketball kryptonite for some reason

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s true, NC State has beaten Pittsburgh 11 consecutive times in men’s basketball, for some reason. The below screenshot will need updating to reflect the most recent defeat of Pittsburgh by NC State in men’s basketball, a calamitous Pittsburgh defeat which once again happened for some reason.

There’s not a logic for that run, it’s just a thing that’s happened between a pair of teams that have been forced to meet once or twice each year for some reason. Sometimes—well, many more times recently—NC State has been better, but you can see there’s a good number of results that were in doubt down the stretch, some close games that could have turned the other direction.

And that’s basketball but there was sadly a lack of accounting for the fact that NC State is Pitt’s basketball kryptonite for some reason. The game last night works as fine as any other case in point. NC State routinely finds the margins against Pitt; it’s a coincidence, but none of us are upset about it.