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Highlights! NC State goes to BC and picks up its 1st road win of the season

Bon Appetit - Chocolate Soy Vegan Ice Cream Alex Lau/Conde Nast via Getty Images

NC State has let some road games get away because of poor second-half performances, but that was not an issue against Boston College, in part because Boston College wasn’t capable of applying an ounce of game pressure. Which is fine by me.

It’s not often you’re going to see State put together a run like it did in the first half against the Eagles, and seeing as how we haven’t had a whole lot of stress-free Wolfpack basketball to just sit back and enjoy in 2021, I’m not quibbling over circumstances.

With the season sweep of BC complete, here’s what remains on NC State’s schedule:

Look at those projected scoring margins! If you want to know what happens when a league lacks star power but has a bunch of teams middling around, well here you go. You could reasonably call seven of those eight games coin flips. If you can get hot for a couple weeks, you can do a lot of damage in the ACC this season.