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A team of NC State alumni will compete in The Basketball Tournament

North Carolina State v Miami - ACC Semifinals Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Basketball Tournament is an annual single-elimination event with a $1 million winner-take-all prize, and as the event’s profile has grown, it’s earned live coverage from ESPN. This year, a group of former NC State players are coming together to put a team in the field.

Team Wolf Blood: a nostalgia trip through the last decade of NC State basketball!

I am excited about this, not gonna lie. Some Wolfpack basketball fan favorites through the years all playing on the same team? You can definitely sign me up for that. The Cat Daddy blowing by guys! Trevor Lacey canning step-backs! Richard Howell eating glass! Scott Wood tickling the twine from downtown! This is like some sort of fever dream I had.

TBT takes place in July/August and generally has been a 64-team event in the past. Alumni teams are common—Syracuse regularly has one, and Marquette’s squad won the title last year—and the quality of these games can actually be pretty good.

Not that you have to work hard to talk me into watching some NC State guys play basketball in the middle of the summer.