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Boo Corrigan ‘hopeful’ NC State basketball’s NCAA case will be resolved this year

When can we get rid of this damn cloud, anyway?

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tournament-North Carolina State vs Pittsburgh Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA does not appear to be making a whole lot of forward progress when it comes to the infractions cases related to the FBI’s probe into college basketball recruiting. Rules violations discovered by FBI wire taps are several years old now.

NC State’s case, which involves money allegedly moving from Mark Gottfried’s staff to point guard Dennis Smith Jr., was referred to the Independent Accountability Review Process (IARP) more than a year ago.

But maybe there is an end in sight? In an interview with Jonas Pope of the N&O, Wolfpack AD Boo Corrigan said he’s “hopeful [State’s NCAA case] will be dealt with this calendar year.” Wouldn’t that be something! Kevin Keatts has had this whole deal hanging over his program for more than three years. The NCAA’s Notice of Allegations arrived in December of 2019.

I realize the pandemic turned a lot of things upside down, but it would be nice to get some closure soon, preferably while Keatts still has a reasonable opportunity to navigate out from under the penalties. The longer it drags on, and the longer Keatts’ program appears stuck in neutral, the greater the challenge for him.

Which is not fair at all, seeing as how the entire case stems from events that occurred before he ever got to campus. I hope the NCAA has at least managed to send him a note of apology by now.