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DJ Funderburk works out for the Hornets

DJ’s got work to do to get into the draft conversation.

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

DJ Funderburk could have returned to NC State for one last season, but instead opted to go ahead and move on with his career, wherever it leads. And that’s understandable considering he’s already spent five years in college. I’m not sure what good another year at State would have done for him.

He’ll be a longshot to hear his name called during the NBA Draft on July 29, though he’s working to change perceptions about his game and improve his stock. On Wednesday, he was one of a handful of prospects brought in for workouts by the Charlotte Hornets, who have three picks in the draft, including two at the tail end of the second round.

He hopes that versatility can be a selling point for him. As he told the Charlotte Observer’s Jonathan M. Alexander about his NBA fit and his game:

“Not even necessarily putting myself as a big man. I’ve always internally felt I was more than that,” Funderburk said. “But I never really got a chance to show that.”

(His full remarks are here, if you don’t have a subscription to the N&O/Charlotte Observer.)

His efforts to expand his shooting range weren’t terribly successful in college, but you never know. He shot 46% from deep at a pro combine last month!

Whatever happens, he’ll be making money playing basketball somewhere this upcoming season.