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NC State and Mark Gottfried reach settlement in dispute over compensation

CSU Northridge v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Former NC State basketball coach Mark Gottfried filed a lawsuit last year against NCSU in an effort to get what money remained on his buyout. The school attempted to argue retroactively that he was fired for cause rather than simply for performance and had withheld $520,000 from him.

Earlier this year, the two sides agreed to settle for $400,000 rather than take the matter to court. NC State’s argument was based on the NCAA violations leveled against the Gott man and his staff, and amusingly enough, this settlement comes as Gottfried lives under the cloud of more NCAA violations—these at Cal State Northridge.

Gottfried and his Northridge staff have been on paid administrative leave since April while the school sorts out that situation. Great hire, guys!

I guess Gottfried doesn’t have much to do these days, so at least now he can buy himself something real nice, courtesy of NC State. And now we don’t have to think about him anymore.