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NC State basketball’s NCAA infractions case 0.003% closer to conclusion

“But I didn’t even work here!”

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tournament-North Carolina State vs Pittsburgh Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, some movement on NC State basketball’s infractions case. Everyone will be delighted to learn that said case is at least very slightly closer to completion! Dennis Dodd reported today that NCSU had a hearing with the NCAA last week.

Naturally, however, there is no timetable for a decision.

Much like clear-cut reasoning or streamlined processes, concrete dates tend to elude the NCAA in whatever it’s doing at any given time. It’s interesting that State’s case seems to have moved to the front of the line among those overseen by the IARP, because if I recall correctly, Memphis’ case was submitted to that group first.

How much closer that gets us to the end of this years-long ordeal is anyone’s guess, though theoretically a ruling should come by spring at the latest. (The NCAA has said as much.) Probably they’ll manage to come out with something right in the middle of basketball season, though.