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Happy Thanksgiving — We’re here, and we’re with you

Syndication: USA TODAY Zachary Allen/The Pueblo Chieftain / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s a shockingly simple thing to lose your humanity, and it is disgusting that it manages to be a fuel nightly on network television in this country. This bullshit led to the deaths of six people at a night club in Colorado over the weekend. The people responsible for these murders have spent every moment since then justifying it.

It’s a concerted effort by everyone on the right to murder everyone they don’t like; which is to say, anyone who has an imagination, anyone who likes color, anyone who goes to bed at peace, anyone who can think four feet beyond their front bumper.

I don’t like to think about the dark country these losers envision for us and themselves—neither, clearly, did a lot of midterm voters—and I’m not interested in living in it, or helping it so much as even catch as a vague notion. The hell with these fascists and their project of hate. We aren’t here for this. They are bullshit. This is not their country; it’s ours.

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