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Isaiah Miranda can make his NC State debut against Vanderbilt

NCAA Basketball: Furman at N.C. State Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Miranda is officially part of the NC State basketball program after committing barely a week ago, and if Kevin Keatts is so inclined, Miranda can see his first game action on Saturday against Vanderbilt. I’m guessing that won’t happen unless State happens to be comfortably ahead late. (And it will be late, what with the 10:30 p.m. tip time.)

Keatts did his best to temper expectations when asked about Miranda after the Furman game:

On Isaiah Miranda’s addition to the team and how quickly he’ll be assembled:

Listen, I am so excited to have him first of all, and he’s a talented young man coming in. Just I want everybody to remember he’s a high school kid who’s coming into a program that’s already been going for a while and we’ve taken a foreign trip and now I think we’ve played now, what is this, twelve games, but he’s talented. He can run the floor, he can block shots, and he’s got a skill level that’s really good.

He’s a legitimate, in my opinion, Top 30 player in the country. I do not know when he’s going to play. Hopefully by the end of the week. He’s cleared from everything and he can get some practice time. I wouldn’t say be prepared for him to play against Vanderbilt. I wouldn’t say be prepared for him to play the next game after that. I just, I don’t know, but we’re going to try and ease him in.

(I did not realize that he had to be assembled. That is slightly alarming. I hope the people doing the assembling made sure to read the instructions beforehand.)

It probably makes more sense to wait for the Louisville game on Dec. 22, which should be an easy win, to let Miranda get his feet wet. Also gives him a few more days of practice, and a debut in front of the home crowd should make him feel more comfortable.

But the Miranda Watch is on.