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Renovated PNC Arena may include a sportsbook

Louisville v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

After a halt during the pandemic, plans to renovate PNC Arena are once again moving forward—plans that likely will make for a dramatic facelift with redesigned concourses and new amenities, including, potentially, a sportsbook that would be open year round.

Sports gambling remains illegal in North Carolina after another effort to legalize it sputtered recently in the NC General Assembly, but it should be a matter of time before such a bill does finally make its way through successfully.

A sportsbook would be a compelling addition for fans locally, while the larger renovation project obviously will be to the benefit of NC State basketball, once it finally gets underway. The price tag is likely to be prohibitive—in the hundreds of millions—but an update to the building is badly needed.

If you would like an idea of what the future of the arena might look like, you can go through the presentation given to the Centennial Authority yesterday, which includes a number of renderings.