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NC State loses game to UNC, and Terquavion Smith to injury

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry, everyone, I was only just now able to halt the incomprehensible stream of profanity that’s been pouring out of me for the last five hours. Shit to hell! Whoops. Maybe not. Damn hell ass!

I’m not saying that anyone should turn to arson at a time like this, but the Dean Dome may need to be destroyed. Does anyone know of any good curse (or cursing) remedies that don’t involve property destruction? I’m willing to look at anything here.

NC State’s lackluster second half was one thing on Saturday night, and not at all the thing that matters. Having to watch Terquavion Smith leave the game on a stretcher was straight out of a nightmare—and hopefully that was more precautionary than anything. T suffered a neck and elbow injury thanks to a flagrant foul by Leaky Black midway through the second half, and Kevin Keatts didn’t have an update beyond that after the game.

We should know more on Sunday, and in the meantime we’ll just have to hope that it looked a lot scarier than it was. He’s obviously got a few big months ahead of him leading up to the draft, so it’d be real shitty for an injury to cost him.