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Pack beats Mt Olive 89-79 in Exhibition

Early look at the Pack, as expected, still very much a work in progress

A really good crowd (for an exhibition) turned out and watched the Pack get the expected win against the overmatched D2 Mt Olive Trojans, but as is often the case in exhibition games, the game was not pretty. The first half looked okay, the second half was hard to watch.

When your team is undersized and less talented than the opposition, the great equalizer can be the 3PT shot. Coach Keatts said in the pregame presser that guarding the 3PT shot was a point of focus for the Pack. And they did it, the Trojans shot 1-14 in the first half and we led by 20. Unfortunately, he forgot to remind them during halftime and the Trojans shot 8-14 in the second half and made the game much closer than it should have been.

Overall Takeaways:

  • The Pack started the game with very crisp passing, clearly there is a much greater emphasis on moving the ball than we saw last year. The first two possessions were very nice assists from DJ Burns to a cutter.
  • Burns played about the same, he did hit a 15 footer and on one occasion backed in from the right side of the basket, rather than his preferred left. No evidence of the foot/ankle problem.
  • 9 players played at least 15 minutes
  • Poor ball handling throughout - O’Connell (our starting PG) really struggled with 5 turnovers
  • We played much of the game with two bigs on the court. Diarra and Middlebrooks played both PF and Center at times.
  • Rice and Woods were at the game and with the team, but in street clothes


  • 1st Half - PG O’Connell, SG Horne, Wing Morsell, PF Middlebrooks, C Burns
  • First off the bench: 5 man simultaneous substitution Pass, Thomas, Taylor, Parker, Diarra
  • 2nd Half - PG Pass, SG Horne, Wing Taylor, PF Parker, C Burns
  • First off the bench, Morsell
  • Ross was the last player off the bench

Individual Highlights

  • Points - 7 players with 8 or more points, Morsell led with 14
  • Rebounds - Parker, Diarra & Middlebrooks with 7 each
  • Dennis Parker Jr - 20 minutes, 8 pts, 7, reb, 1 assist, 1 block.
  • Mohamed Diarra - 19 mins, 10 pts, 7 reb, 2 assist, 1 stl, 1 blk

Box Score