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Kam Woods is eligible to play ... for a couple weeks, anyway

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 04 CAA Tournament North Carolina A&T vs. Stony Brook Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against the NCAA on Wednesday, preventing the NCAA from prohibiting second-time transfers from playing. This means that until the next hearing in this case, on Dec. 27, all second-time transfers who’ve had their waivers denied are eligible to play.

For Kevin Keatts, it means he can add Kam Woods to his rotation for a few games, if he wants to. NC State plays three games between now and the 27th—against Tennessee, St. Louis, and Detroit Mercy.

Following the ruling, the NCAA said that it will comply, and also that players who do take advantage of this moratorium will not lose a year of eligibility if the ruling is eventually reversed. Which it definitely could be, though the NCAA’s record in court hasn’t been so good lately.

Whether or not it’s a good idea to play Woods at this point, with his status beyond these two weeks unclear, is a tough question. I don’t think the team desperately needs him, and it would be detrimental to start adjusting the rotation for his presence only to lose him all over again. I’m not sure that’s a risk worth taking—probably better to stay the course, especially since State has only just gotten MJ Rice into the mix. They’ve got enough to sort through as it is. But that’s why they pay Kevin Keatts the big bucks.