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NC State unveils David Thompson statue outside Reynolds Coliseum

“He was a comet that came through our universe.”

NCAA Basketball: USA TODAY Sports-Archive Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Former Wolfpack basketball great David Thompson is officially immortalized in front of Reynolds Coliseum. NC State unveiled a statue in his honor earlier today.

The base is 44 inches tall, because obviously. The pose shows Thompson at the apex of his leap, ready to drop in an alley-oop, a play he made famous because he could jump forever and also because dunks were illegal. Here’s a better look, via the State hoops Twitter.

It remains one of the nation’s great sports crimes that David Thompson was not allowed to dunk in college. Somebody should have taken one look at him in his first game and said “we have got to change that rule immediately.”

NC State also released a video celebrating DT’s career, with comments from Len Elmore and Bill Walton—two great players in their own right who had the misfortune of being in his way.

Good stuff all around. Congrats, DT!