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Join BTP’s NCAA tourney pool!

Virginia Tech v NC State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It’s that time once again—to compete for fabulous prizes* in the most prestigious** NCAA tournament pool in all the land!

(*pride, mainly)

(**needs citation)

I have set up a group at ESPN and the below link should take you right to it. You’ll need the extremely secret password, listed here in plain sight, to gain entrance.

BTP The Tourney Pool 2023

Password: macrowave

I’ve got absolutely no clue what to do with this year’s bracket, so I’ll probably be changing it right up until the first game tips on Thursday. The good guys are going to smash Creighton, I mean of course, but beyond that? No idea. This thing is so wide open that I can talk myself into all of the top teams being simultaneously overrated and underrated. I really don’t love UNC’s chances this year, though. Can’t see the Tar Heels doing much damage.