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Greg Gantt transferring from NC State

The roster changes continue.

Clemson v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

NC State forward Greg Gantt will be entering the transfer portal, per a report from Cory Smith. I don’t think that one’s a huge shocker to anybody.

Gantt did make 17 starts for the Wolfpack this season, but that was mostly a function of injuries elsewhere, and he was never a significant contributor at the offensive end. He played some valuable minutes for the Wolfpack in league play and did a great job on the glass, but he pretty much had to pick up loose crumbs for scoring opportunities, and if he was unhappy with that, it’s completely understandable.

Who knows what might have been different if Gantt had been able to stay healthy; missing all of the 2022 season no doubt set back his development and he just wasn’t able to carve out a niche in the rotation while the Pack was healthy this season.

All the best to Greg at his next stop; I hope his injury luck is a whole lot better.