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Looking ahead and speculating on NC State hoops in 2024

Clemson v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

While NC State’s staff may still attempt to add a point guard through the portal, the roster situation is beginning to settle. So let us recklessly speculate as to the quality of the team, as per offseason tradition.

Bart Torvik’s site allows you to play with team rosters and offers a rough projection based on whatever 10-player group of contributors you put together. Emphasis on rough here. But anyway, with these 10...

...we get (drumroll please) the following projection:

(Torvik had removed Morsell from the roster presumably because he declared, so I added him back and made Trey Parker the odd man out.)

There you have it, folks—a bubble team once again! I know I’m relieved. If State is off the bubble in one direction or the other, I’m going to be upset. Being on the bubble is our entire brand. We’ve got a legacy to uphold.

NC State finished last season at 48 in Torvik’s ratings (which are really similar to Pomeroy’s), so the rough expectation above is a modest decline—to 56. Obviously, the list of caveats here is extensive, beginning with the unknown quantity that is Isaiah Miranda, who is currently going through the draft process.

There’s no way to know how the backcourt is going to mesh and how that’s going to affect minutes and individual efficiency within that group. And at least one of the bigs behind DJ Burns is going to get a lot more playing time than indicated above.

Overall State at 56 feels like a decent baseline. Where this team’s ceiling lies, I don’t know. But feel free to speculate!